Wednesday, June 22, 2011

failed :(

hey  all my followers. 

maybe, u didn't know what i feel when i can't see JUSTIN BIEBER's concert :( .. huh, he's such an inspirator for me and you know i love him so damn. i think, all beliebers have one hope. there's met Justin Bieber and face to face with him.

first time i heard the news about JB will held a concert in Indonesia, i very very happy. ok, i saved all my money and u know, i work hard lol (just rent my modem). i can't believe when the tickets was sold out,whereas my money was enough to bought the tix and my dad permission me . maybe, 20 kinds quiz on twitter,facebook,sites i followed but im not lucky.

ok, that's all. i can't share more my story bcause it s*ck, and made me cried :(

much love,resolia

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