Tuesday, June 21, 2011

teenlife full of my idol ;p

selamat pagi (kebetulan pas nulis postingan ini jam 5.49) followers terhormat, tersayang, dan ter- ter- lainnya .
keep stay tune guys !!

kali ini entah kenapa gw pengen banget posting soal penyakit gw (nahloh,maaf ya bukan penyakit apa gitu maksudnya tapi kefanatikan gw sama idola gw) :D . namanya kan juga ABABIL (ABG labil) iya banget sih di umur gw yg 16thn. gw mau share teenlife gw yg penuh dengan milyaran mimpi hahahaha :D
meskipun JOMBLO!!,,tapi gw fun fun aja sama teenlife gw maklum lah kan idola gw cowo trus gantengnya ga nahan coba deh cek disini -->my beloved boyfriend. lol

pas ada wawancara apa gitu di twitter,gw ikutan aja katanya sih mau dijadiin buku gitu. yaudah jawab sesuka hati gw pertanyaan disitu sekaligus penghibur rasa galau gara2 ga bisa nonton konser pacar gw (makin galau kan)!!

mau gw kasih printsreen-an-nya apa gw copy-in teksnya? hayoooo 
yaudah dua-duanya aja deh ya biar lengkap surangkap


this is my ans.

question 1. Kapan kalian jadi belieber?
ans: i don't know exactly. but i became a belieber after i was listened baby's song and of course that justin voice. the first time i think his voice kinda weird and like a girl. but as long as i often listen JB's song and googling bout bieberfact. GUESS WHAT???? he's awesome...wowwwww amazing right?

question 2. Kenapa suka Justin (kalo bisa yang banyak biar JB seneng wkwk)
ans: because I often find info about justin and of course his picture is so stunning, I started to become fans. I read his biography and find it very inappropriate for thumbs up. I feel that he is very passionate in life and it becomes a positive example for me. and also I really like to hear the song. yes, every day I always play the song and I never feel bored.

question 3. Bagian tubuh Justin yang paling kalian suka
ans: I especially like her eyes. if people see the color of brown eyes but the act color is hazel or gold. I thought it was amazing and the greatest gift of god for him. but I also want to see him shirtless awwww :*

question 4. Seneng ga sih Justin pacaran?
ans: I guess it does not matter if justin dating or not. it is their right, it's his way of life. and as a fan I can only support what he did and certainly it is positive. but I hope he can find a woman who truly loved him. I could only smile from here though justin never knew that I really admire. because you justin. whenever you smile, I smile

question 5. Cewe yang kalian bilang cocok sama Justin, siapa?
ans: I prefer to Caitlin Beadles. why? because she's a good woman. she could give cheers to justin. she was quiet and certainly will not attempt to make Justin away from his fans.

question 6. Pesan kalian buat Justin :)
ans: actually not too big that my desire to see your concert in my country (Indonesia). but because of many obstacles I could not. long distances, and ran out of tickets. but then I've got permission from my parents and successfull to raise money to buy a ticket. I cried when I heard the news that the concert tickets had been sold out. I have attended various quiz to get a ticket that even I never thought to buy tickets from calo.maybe already more than 20 kinds of quizzes I follow but I was not lucky. my parents say "if you really are not able to watch the concert justin, who knows if later you will meet when circumstances are beautiful and sure god had planned it" I smile because you justin.
JB is my reason i never give up. JB is my reason i never say never. JB is my reason i never give up before i try. JB is my reason won't make my mom sad. JB is my reason i try try try and get it. JB is my reason i never forget pray to god bout my life. JB is my reason i never forget thanksgiving to god. JB is my reason make the people around me smile. JB is my reason i never complain. Just Because of you JUSTIN BIEBER.
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gw cuma bisa share gitu guys,iyalah gw belom pernah ketemu langsung sama dia :( 


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