Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Always Same with my Idol

good afternoon, kisses and hug for you all yeah you read this post
in mood and in good condition, I wanna share about some my teenlife. As a-normal-teenager I have so many idols they came from singer,actor,musician etc.

well, I just realize that I have similarity with my idols. emm I dont know why like that and I dont care about it before I have similarity w/ my idols.

OK, dont' go anyway


yess,you all know who he is. JUSTIN BIEBER, the hottest and the big superstar for teenagers like me ofc. Beliebers known that he was born on March 1st 1994 :) guess what???? His zodiac is PISCES. Like me, I was born on February 20th 1995. that means we are (me and justin) have same zodiac. SOUNDDDD GREAAT!!!! how lucky I am LOL.
you envy? stay envy :P

He is Jirayu Laongmanee, called 'Kao' . He's actor from Thailand , Elephant land. He just 16 years old. He was born on October 29th 1995 . Like me I was born on the same year '1995'
hahahaha :D


He is Liam James Payne, member of One Direction. He was born on August, 29th 1993 . Geeeezzz, Now Im feeling so fly like a G6 when he smiles like that. huwaaa make me melt :P . I have same name with him. You know my name is Resolia, my famz call me 'Lia' hehe and he's Liam. Just different in 'M' . aaahh, He has the cutest smile  I think :)

much love,

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