Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome in my amazayyyn room :P

hey strangers! wanna know my room? okay, here we are


some are new and some are old..
i dont know why I love posters

say hey please to my wall :)

i love fresh air, so every morning I always open the window. aww, that's so cool

Watchout!!! They are Mine LOL

do not protest about my bed's so big..hahaha
a large bed made me very comfortable and free to move hehe. I feel missed when I leave the house :(
yesss,I DO LOVE MY Beddie

 guesss.. I waste my time on this carpet
it was so good to spend my time on the floor

I love wooden furniture. why? the smell is unique :D
my wardrobe is so big hehe size up with my stuffs

some collection of hijabs

Im karate wait its along time ago :P

something that I miss..

aahhh my beloved leppie

its old but its great


If you wanna know more you can go to my house and visit my amazayyyn room :)

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