Friday, April 20, 2012

Come Back

hey everyone.. It's been a long time no post from me. Do you miss me? I am officiall miss you all, haha seriously :p
Yesterday, I just finished my last day of national examination. I do not feel "putih abu-abu" will end soon. I bet I'll miss my friends.
Oh, yesterday my classmates and I took photoshoots at a beach..hellyeah that was our last moment together with. eh, we'll meet once again at the time of graduation farewell.
I can't post my "buku tahunan" now, because the photographer havent give us the photo that taken yesterday. I promise post sooooooonnnnn :D
okay, here the photos taken by my camdig :/

kintani,varina, niar, me, qory, tiara, khrisna,rixki, bella

varina, me, bella, qory, niar, tiara, rizki

form left: me, tiara, retha, qory,niar, bella, rizki
bad look day, it seems I was wrong in outfit-___-"

dini, tiara, me, uqie, retha, niar, bella, rizki, qory

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